dat Black Mermaid Man Lady: Oracle Deck

Created by Sharon Bridgforth, Artwork by Yasmin Hernandez

There are nine Oracles (characters from the performance/novel). Each speaks on four subjects. The text on the back of the cards is from the dat Black Mermaid Man Lady: Performance/Novel.  In addition, each Oracle has one blank card... which if pulled means “you know.”  In other words, they ain’t responding to your question or the situation at hand because you already know what is in your highest interest/greatest good.


FOR SALE (in person) AT:

Pillsbury House + Theatre in MLPS till 6/24/18

allgo in Austin 8/17-8/26 2018.


This is an Ocean deck. . .dat Black Mermaid Man Lady sits at the bottom of the Ocean/with the Ancestors/with our Dreams/our wealth/our most powerful Knowings. It’s the place where the bottom of the Ocean meets the Sky.  Where our Innermost Divine Connection with Infinite Love Is. Yoruba practitioners will recognize that each character is a reflection of Yoruba deities that are guiding them, and that each character is a flesh and blood Ancestor. . . except dat Black Mermaid Man Lady, who is a deity/that Lives at the bottom of the Ocean.  You don’t need to be familiar with Yoruba cosmologies to understand dem Mermaids. Just know that they will speak to what’s under the surface of the question/the moment/the situation at hand. And know that dem Mermaids and I believe, that only Love is real.

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