dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/The Show
will have it's world premiere at Pillsbury House Theatre
in Minneapolis May 30-June 17 2018!! 

 Directed by Ebony Noelle Golden
 Dramaturge: Alexis Pauline Gumbs

 dat Black Mermaid Man Lady /The Show is a performance processional that celebrates multiple ways of embodying gender. The characters HoneyPot, Miss Kitty and dat Black Mermaid man lady work with Oya, Osun and Yemaya (Yoruba deities) to train in a next generation healer, as they lift communal prayers to the Light. In performance all present are invited to make offerings to this world of womanizing, piano playing, knife carrying she’roes and old people that fly. Performers sing, move, tell stories, call the audience to process, chant, holler back, build altars –  celebrate life.  All present are responsible for the Journey. 

 The Show is part of the dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home project and was made possible by the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards program, The Whitman Institute, Thousand Currents Artist In-Residence Program, development support from New Dramatists Creativity Fund (a program made possible by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation) and is a project of Creative Capital.


                                  Photo Credit: Salihah Saadiq Photography·

                                  Photo Credit: Salihah Saadiq Photography·

dat writer
sharon bridgforth

A child of the Great African-American Migration, Sharon was raised by Black Southerners who moved to Los Angeles/determined to make a better life for themselves and those to come. A Black queer child coming of age during assassinations, riots, the Black Power Movement and Soul Music – Sharon strives to model the unbending dignity, commitment to community, self-determination and Love of Black cultures that was modeled for her. Widely published, Sharon is Artist In-Residence at Thousand Currents (which funds grassroots groups led by women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples in the Global South).  A Doris Duke Performing Artist, Sharon is recipient of funding from The Whitman Institute, Creative Capital, MAP Fund and the National Performance Network. One of the many artists mentored by Laurie Carlos, Sharon has worked in the Twin Cities regularly since 1995 and has proudly  called Pillsbury House + Theatre home since 2005. 


dat director
ebony golden

is an artist and cultural strategist who unflinchingly believes in the power of creativity to inspire, instigate, and incite acts of collective and self-determined emancipation. As an artist-scholar, Golden stages site-specific rituals + live art productions that profoundly explore the complexities of freedom in the time of now.   Her creative work has been presented at  Judson Memorial Church, National Black Theatre, Hayti Heritage Center, DC Arts Center, and the Bronx Academy of Art and Dance among others. Her curatorial projects have been presented at Brooklyn Museum, New York University, Alternate Roots, and The Brecht Forum among others. Slated for a 2019 world premiere, 125th & Freedom is processional, protest, parade comprised of ten choreopoetic rituals staged along 125th Street between the Harlem and Hudson Rivers.  The five-hour performance venerates the radical legacies of The Underground Railroad, The Great Migration, and 125th Street to explore migration, gentrification, and creative emancipation in the wake of large scale political, economic, cultural displacement.  More HERE


dat dramaturge
alexis pauline gumbs

is the author of Spill: Scene of Black Feminist Fugitivity (Duke University Press, 2016) and the forthcoming M Archive: After the End of the World (Duke University Press, 2018).  She is also the co-editor of the anthology Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines. Alexis is the co-creator with Julia Roxanne Wallace of the Mobile Homecoming project an experiential archive amplifying generations of Black LGBTQ brilliance and is currently the visiting Winton Chair of the Liberal Arts at University of Minnesota. More HERE